Sogn Industry have personell with senior project-manager skills who have long experience with the start-up of large power plants. Our Engineers have participated in both planning and start-ups for major international power initiatives.

Here are a couple keywords for what skills we have:

  • Waterpower and wind power.

  • Turbine generator plants and other combustion plants.

  • Nuclear power.

  • Transformers and breakdown / load distribution against power grid.

We have extended experience with programs tools like:

ProCoSys, Project Completion System Software, ProArc, Project System Software, Siemens Control System, Simatic, PCS7, SAP System Application and Products System, Microsoft Project, E-room, STIDtag, STIDtips, STID doc, ARIS, DocMap, MS Office, MS Visio, Autocad, Autodesk Inventor.

Aqua Culture

Sogn Industry has the competence to engage in any system, make changes / improvements, generate documentation, install/ start/ deliver, pick down on detailed plan. We are a total-solving company. We have engineers with multidisciplinary experience and expertise.

Our engineers, have the ability to engage in your project, identify potential challenges, find the best ideas and solutions for the project. Our main competence lies in problem solving for large industrial plants, both at technical level and on planning/ documentation.

By choosing Sogn Industri, one will have access to experienced multidisciplinary senior engineers, with extensive expertise in various areas of industries (oil & gas and maritime projects). With experience from a wide range of different industrial technologies, one can combine strong and rigid systems combining the best-known technology in new ways.
Sogn Industry plans and performs all assignments efficiently and safely, in accordance with current standards and regulations. We work according to ISO standard and strive for ISO certification over the years to come.

We can take on the role of leader in the larger project, or we can be an active support player where needed. We are working to develop our own aquaculture system, in the form of pump systems, structure, energy production and storage. More info about this will come after a while when they have become commercialized.


Our engineers have long experience with large automated plants. We can offer assistance before consulting, quality assurance and engineering, or take responsibility for the implementation of the entire project.
Sogn Industry has an engineer with multidisciplinary experience and competence. These are individuals who have the ability to engage strongly in your project, draw out the best ideas, identify potential challenges and achieve solid solutions that work. Sogn Industry has the ability to go into any system, pick it down on detailed plan, make changes / improvements, generate all documentation, install / Start / deliver. We are a total-solving company.


Sogn Industry has extensive experience with project implementation and start-up, onshore and offshore. We plan and carry out all assignments efficiently and safely. HSE is taken seriously and we do a thorough survey before we take on a task. We have available personnel with valid offshore certificate. Our resources also have a certificate as installer and can contribute to installation work. This makes us flexible and efficient!


Our engineers have extensive experience in project management and startup of equipment related to ships and maritime industry in general. We can take on leadership roles or be active support in the field of maritime projects. We can generate project documentation, assemble system, or be quality control in different phases of the project. What makes our consultants and advantage is that we have the ability to install in addition to directing. This means that we face challenges at a very early age, and we find solutions that other people do not see.

Engineering Services

We have international cooperation and ensure you get quality at the right price. Our reference lists are long, please contact us for information.

Project management

  • Project management, including control, report, hour estimate and follow-up
  • Technical coordination (between customer and supplier / partners)
  • Management and monitoring of startup activities, including test compilation, time and personnel planning with boot-up.

Basic engineering services

  • Project planning and cost assessment for e.g. power plants, processing plants, equipment packages etc.
  • Process design, including development of piping & instrument Diagrams (P & ID), system descriptions, ESD, cable diagrams, system layouts, and generally general system subsystems for mechanical, instrumental and electrical.
  • Underlay for specifications for pipeline, insulation, valves, instruments etc.
  • Mechanical design assumptions, development work (including Dynamic Load Report) and general FOU services relate to the development for new systems.
  • Modification work – evaluate existing installed food, prepare proposals for change, upgrade or create new documentation on existing equipment.
  • Efficiency work – take a lead in industrial processes and evaluate improvement potential, set up structure / plan changes and visualize development against efficiency and profitability.

We can also make lifetime analysis of equipment, create maintenance plans and propose a production procedure to avoid downtime on essential equipment.

Detailed CAD/technical drawing services

Industrial-layout, pipe design and engineering services:

  • Design of complete pipe design with all surfaces.
    • Pipe & Instrument Chart (P&ID)
    • Pressure drops and pump dimensioning for pipe system
    • Composite equipment and pipe/tubing layout (GA)
    • Layout drawings for structure, cableways and ventilation.
    • Tubes / Tubing isometric and spools.
    • Reports including pipeline list, valve lists, instrument lists, material overview etc.
  • Design and detailed overview of equipment, pipes / tubing and tubing / stiffening.
    • Equipment design using ASME section VIII, API, NEMA, TEMA etc.
    • Pipe T tube design and stress analyzes using ANSI, ASME section III European & other codes for weight, thermal, wind and other static loads
    • Pipe / Tubing support / suspension Design and analysis (including ASME Section III)
    • Evaluation of existing piping installations and modifications.
    • Design and stress analysis of fiberglass reinforcement pipe system (FRP)
  • Design and analysis of pipe / tubing system, structure and equipment (mechanical and electrical) for all types of dynamic load. This includes:
    • Pump loads, seismic movements, bagging hammer, slug currents, safety valve release and other forces and shock loads.
  • Analysis of nozzle connection.
    • Nozzles on vessels, exchanges and thoughts
    • Nozzles for pumps, compressors and turbines.
  • Data analysis for handbag dynamics (CFD – Computer Fluid Dynamics) for the fixing of purse characteristic in pipes, ventilation and mechanical equipment.

Preparation of intelligent P&ID, and 3D system /plant model:

  • Customize the 2D and 3D system / facility design software to meet project requirements.
  • Intelligent P & ID database development and drafting using P&ID software and generation of reports as single line, valve list, equipment list, instrumental list etc.
  • Develop the 3D system / plant model consisting of buildings / structures, equipment, pipes / tubing, ventilation, cable gates, supports / support using design tools like PDMS, CADMATIC etc.
  • Develop intelligent 3D system / facility model from point cloud data and relevant document for operation of system / facility (this is commonly used in the oil industry to have a 3D model of old rigs to enable both installation, maintenance, safety and more)
  • Check that P & ID matches with 3D model, crash detection (point where 3D does not match actual data)
  • Generate “plot planes”, GA drawings, layout, isometric, spool, detailed drawing for support and reports to be judged: material list from 3D model.
  • Attach information for intelligent P & ID and 3D model
  • Integration of P&ID and 3D models into client’s own / third party software.
  • Review, animation of construction sequences and progress monitoring
  • Animation of disassembly and assembly procedures for equipment, to be judged for operating instructions.

Construction and structure design and analysis.

  • Layout of concrete and steel structures in 3D
  • Structure design and analysis
  • Design and qualification of support / support for equipment, ventilation or cable cars.
  • Generation of GA drawings (general arrangement), Common details, fabrication drawings, BOM etc.

Electric design:

  • Layout of cableway and suspension / support
  • Layout of electrical buildings in 3D for high / low load of switchgear, panel etc
  • Cable routes and planning
  • Outdoor switch / substation design
  • 3D layout and generation of drawings and components lists

Control and instrumental (C&I) Design:

  • Identify relevant information from P&ID
  • Instrument layout, connection boxes and control panel
  • Instrument and control valve lists
  • Instrument data sheet
  • Layout of C&I cable routes and support.
  • Cable routes and planning
  • 3D layout and generation of drawings and equipment lists etc.

System deliverance

INFOplantTM: integrated system / Facility Information Management System:
The INFOplant system integrates information /data, drawings and documents) related to design, engineering, procurement, construction, system start-up and other downstream activities for any industrial plant.

CATSYS: Installation and ONE Point information system based on Statoil’s ProCoSys:

CATSYS is ProCoSys 2.0 briefly, a system that contains all relevant information related to installation and operation, maintenance, and service. Application for electronic, signing of test procedures, checklist, installation packages and more. Covers all the requirements Statoil usually has against its suppliers and is a simpler and more user-friendly application then ProCoSys. In many cases against Statoil, subcontractors use CATSYS to clean up where ProCoSys is time consuming.

For more information about our services please contact. We can travel and tailor-made solutions for your company as needed.


If your business is focused on calculating power, economy and risk control, then “red thread” is the thing for you. Red Thread is a concept we relate mostly to. In the industry today, there are one large project group, with amounts of information that will flow between many joints. This leads to an increase in the number of employees, and the risk picture and cost increase.

In our network, we have over 200 years of experience with completion and project management in large complex projects, we have developed both tools, working methods and solutions to bring back the “core team” and smart working methodology. Information is key, we know the challenges and we have have loopholes. Ask us about “red thread”, we love to introduce and present solutions for your business.