What will it say to work at Sogn Industry?

You will not be locked up for a single job. We are versatile and contribute where it is needed. We have all our regular tasks, but when it’s a big project, everyone will be involved for the most part. We like to let our employees grow in all directions. Rotate your responsibilities and titles so that one can be used where the need is. With us, you are constantly gaining new challenges and steep learning curves. We are going to work a long time in this profession, one should be able to curve smoothly. It has constant new technology, new aids and new solutions.

Together with Sogn Industry you will:

  • Become confident
  • Be able to take big decisions.
  • Get at total system understanding
  • Have project roles from bottom to top

When you are fully integrated into Sogn Industry you will be able to get an idea on the table, have the ability and self-discipline to pull that idea from thought to realization.

Available positions

We are always looking for good employees. If you are versatile multidiscipline who would like to work for us, contact us! Together we are strong, and together we get it done!