Who are we?

Sogn Industri is an engineering company that works primarily with system development and innovative solutions. We deliver and multidisciplinary engineering tests to a wide range of industries. We provide key expertise, binder points and problem solvers for industrial projects.

  • We have extensive expertise within and develop and create project basis for new and existing systems.
  • We can be a resource in different parts of a project, with emphasis on project management and installation skills.
  • We are good where there are hectic states, in one chaotic project condition we create order, control and quality.
  • We are working on the goal that the project we are involved in will be the best.

Sogn Industry

Sogn Industri AS succeeded at Lutelandet industrial harbor in Fjaler municipality in Sogn & Fjordane. Here we have bright and nice office space, video conferencing rooms and everything for the sake of close and good follow-up. We have short roads both to Florø, Førde, Sogndal and Bergen. We also have branch offices in Norrköping, Sweden. We work together locally, nationally and internationally with a strong multi-disciplinary engineering firm, and always have one resource with the right expertise in our network. We are currently working on anna Siemens, ABB, SPEAB, SMC, SST, HydroWave, Havkraft, Nordikraft, and more. We are under growth and will mark us for years.


We in Sogn Industry see the advantage of having strong resources in every aspect. We know what to do to structure a good successful project. Sogn Industry teaches the next generation of project management so that one will see and grab all the joints. By using personnel with good system knowledge and constantly moving them between different sections for a quarter project, you build a strong foundation for a strong project leader. One who easily sees weak joints and challenges and who can lift both them and the project forward and stagnate.

One must see a career as a constant curriculum where one strengthens its weaknesses to make its good sides stronger. If one barely strengthens its strengths, it’s easy and glowing the big picture. Sogn Industry will contribute to a positive development outside the Petroleum industry. We mean Norway depends to a large extent on this industry, and we therefore prioritize it the least, even if that is where we are comfortable to contribute. Sogn Industry is here to stay. We have the right attitude, expand our skills and we are in the right place at the right time. Sogn Industry will facilitate innovation and innovation in markets where it is needed.

Ethics and Intigrit

Sogn Industry has strict internal standards against its employees and resources. We will appear as an example against other companies, both in terms of labor ethics, HSE, and working relations – ISO 26000. All employees in Sogn Industry are required to comply with the ethical guidelines that the company has adopted. This retention will be the foundation for all the co-operation and assignments we are involved in. A thorough, structured and continuous training will ensure that this becomes part of the Sogn Industry Day.

This will strengthen leadership and add ability to know that ethical issues occur when they arise and manage them in line with the company’s value. Sogn Industry takes a strong distance from all types of corruption and trade in influence. We have established clear zero tolerance in the ethical guidelines of the company. In situations where Sogn Industry is offered or disclosed, there is a reporting obligation to the board of the company.

Responsibility is one of Sogn Industry’s core values. Not alone in the work one does but dare to work that takes place around us. We have a good system of catching up and reporting critical conditions as early as possible. If we see something that is not done properly, we will take the situation to ensure that we stop the course of action before the damage occurs.

Corporate Responsibility

Sogn Industri has its name for one reason. We will help Sogn og Fjordane get positive industrial growth. Sogn Industri has a natural connection to the municipality of Hyllestad, which for many years has been characterized by relocation and closure. We want to show Norway that it is fully possible to build industry based outside the big cities. We prioritize HAFS (Hyllestad, Askvoll, Fjaler, Gulen and Solund) and try to return to the regions that the big companies take out. Value creation and working pleasure always flourish in Sogn og Fjordane, we will give the opportunity to them as well and stay, and those who want to go home again.

Our goal is to become a cornerstone company, but then in partnership with many others. If we see a possibility that other local companies can provide the services we need, we will always choose locally. We look at it as a social duty. Many of the small ones make one big Å. We pay for quality, and one gets here in HAFS. We will use our project to create more local workplaces. After a quarter of a week, local skills and skills will always be prioritized. We want to offer safe workplaces and one development opportunity that few have seen.

HSE and Environment

HMS is at the center of all projects, and everything that will be carried out by Sogn Industri will be characterized by one particular way of doing one job. We love structure and quality assurance and HSE is a major part of the framework we base all our projects on. We are still working to adapt ISO standards and approvals to be judged: NS-ISO 9001, NS-ISO 10006, HMS Norsok S-006, Achilles JQS, TransQ and Sellicha.

We are working against an ISO certification of all companies. This is one long process that we hope may be in goal all until the summer of 2016. Our advantage is that we build the first quality assurance system according to these standards and will then get a simpler and more structured road and go from start to finish. Sogn Industri is committed to taking care of the environment around us. We will help the company to be as green as possible. Going forward as a good example is a pervasive norm that Sogn Industri attaches great importance to.